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Residential Guests

Sophie has just returned home having spent the past few weeks staying with me as a residential training guest. An 11 month old German Shepherd, she was very responsive and a quick learner which has made it a joy to train her.
At different stages of training Paul took over, just to make sure the she would  do the same thing for him as well as for me, which she did. And on collection, Sophie's owner was met by a new, calmer dog who wouldn't run away ! 

Meet Buster, an 18 month old Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles x Bichon Frise).
It took a day or two to see the real dog but now I know I've one cheeky and very affectionate lad living with me. This photograph seems to sum Buster up !
At the moment he's working in my field on the long line but it's only a matter of time before this is removed and he'll have more freedom ..... and I'll be confident that he will return to me on his name or whistle every time he hears it !


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