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Ar Last !!

George is a Vizsla who stayed with me recently for home boarding. Paul - with his photography eye - was immediately attracted to the youngster, and before he knew what he was doing, George was sitting by our glass door listening to the click of a camera. To see George, along with other dogs, visit Meet a four legged Ferrari and Lamborghini. Jasper is an incredibly fast little Working Cocker Spaniel, while just behind him is liver coloured Bryher. Both characters are wonderful dogs and great fun to have around. Meanwhile, at just 4 months of age, Czech Shepherd Kimba is already displaying her natural serious expression. Springer Spaniels can be alot of fun, and this is well demonstrated with Finch, a 9 month old dog who is finally photographed sitting down ! Finch is a lovely lad who's wants to explore anything and everything - so why would he want to sit down ?? And this is part of my office - taking time out b