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End of term for Merlin

The stay of my little Australian Labradoodle guest is coming to an end. Merlin has one full day left before being collected on Saturday and I make no bones about it - I shall miss him ! Merlin has certainly brought out the emotions in me ! The early days of him trying to assert his authority are long gone, as are those moments when I would find he'd been copying the Andrex advert, with toilet roll everywhere and an innocent looking face staring at me ! The satisfaction I felt seeing his behaviour change for the better is just one of the reasons I love my work so much. Do I get things right first time? No, of course not. Different dogs present different problems and because of that, my approach to training is anything but "one size fits all". I hope you like the latest pics that Paul took - he seems to love getting images of Merlin wet and dirty! But believe me, he'll look a little different when he's lucky owners get to see him again on Saturday. Ja

When Nelly met Tasha

When Tasha stayed recently, she was introduced to Nelly, Fran's Cocker Spaniel pup who's just over 12 wks old. Now on first sight, everyone would want a Nelly. But hang around and you may have second thoughts as the photographs tend to show. Nelly is the most determined character I've met. But if Fran doesn't end up exhausted by the event, I can see her having a great time training this little thing to be a gun dog. As for Tasha - I don't think she'll forget you know who in a hurry ! Janet No dog is too big for a hug from the pup The trouble is she doesn't get the hint ............. ........... to leave Tasha alone ! So Tasha trys - in vain - to frighten with a serious look But all's forgotten the moment a ball is thrown ........... and who's going to get it ????