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Meet a Serra da Estrela Mountain dog

This morning I met Bluto, a 7mth old Serra da Estrela mountain dog. Seven months and still growing ! He came for my sheep chasing course, but ended up leaving without every seeing a fluffy white creature. Instead, he left with more respect for his owner than when he first arrived. Seeing this young but powerful dog climb out of the car, oblivious to his owner, showed me he had no regard for him whatsoever. On the basis that no successful training will happen unless there is respect, I went about showing the owner how to achieve this. Once he'd mastered it, he left to practice the lesson in his home environment. But this won't be the last I see of Bluto - don't forget, I still have to make him know what he can and can't do when confronted by sheep. Janet

Heat, sun, blue skies ..... it's got to be Cumbria

After weeks of dull and cold weather, summer is here ! The garden looks great and my lawn has been a real playground for the dogs, apart from in the middle of the day when they take shade under one of the trees. Two more dogs have arrived for residential training - Millie, a young Irish Setter and Bonnie, a Springer Spaniel. As usual I'm lucky to have some great dogs staying. How can I describe them? Well Bonnie is a Springer - you look at her and she's ready to go, tail wagging furiously, and that's before I've told her what I want. As for Millie ...... scatty - but in the nicest sense !  The photo below sums her up perfectly. "Who ..... me ?" Meanwhile Lucy's training is coming to a close and she'll be collected very soon by her owners, who I've known have been missing her - and with good reason. This little Border Terrier has made herself quite at home, thanks to Honey's persistence in wanting to play. Her first few days were qu

Paul has a problem !

Paul has a problem ! Whenever he goes to feed his hens or collect their eggs, a certain Chihuahua crawls under the gate to be with him. Now this is all well and good because the hens don't bother to blink at the site of Honey, who's scampering around for whatever she can eat ! The problem comes in the form of a dog slightly larger than a Chihuahua - my German Shepherd guest, Tash. In her desire to join them, Tash stands on her hind legs and manages to look over the top. But twice she has been caught as she's attempted to scale the gate. I think I can safely say the hens would do more than blink if she succeeded !

Tash the German Shepherd

Tash is not the first German Shepherd who has enjoyed my home boarding but I have to say she is proving to be one of the nicest. Having had a fairly sad first two years of her life, Tash has really landed on her feet with her new owners. And while they're away, I'm enjoying looking after her and having alot of fun along the way ! Needless to say Paul took these photographs Tash Early morning dew but it's the tennis ball Tash is after One beautiful looking dog All eyes on the ball !

Meet a Welsh Springer Spaniel

Yesterday I had an all day appointment with an owner who'd travelled from Falkirk, mid point between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Linda brought her beautiful looking Welsh Springer Spaniel to see me and to iron out a few problems. Rosie is, or should I say was, a young dog who liked to lunge at other dogs while out on a walk. Having shown the owner how to correct this habit with Honey then Jaffa, I introduced her to my dog Tilly then Fran's hyper Springer Spaniel Jake, who is energy personified ! By now Rosie was being very blase about the whole thing ! Jake, Ted, Frank, who knows or cares ?! Whatever the name they were of little importance to her and she completed ignored them, much to her owner's delight. Prior to travelling to Morland for lunch, Linda asked me the best way to get Rosie into the back of her car. This cheeky dog preferred to be picked up rather than make the effort herself. A simple demonstration followed by Linda doing it herself brought about alot of la

Playtime at Cumbria Dog Training

At first glance, the photo of Tilly showing her teeth will never encourage owners to home board their dogs with me. But things are not what they seem, I'm pleased to say !         My 2 year old working Clumber Spaniel Tilly was enjoying a real run around with Jake, Fran's young Springer Spaniel, when Paul managed to get this expressive shot! And this is playtime ! This photo shows a little hero worship going on ! While Honey is on my chest, Lucy is by my knee while Jussi, the black Lab looks on. And the other two dogs in the picture ? Tilly and Jake ! STOP ! I don't want to be the Alpha anything !!

Buzz rolls back the years

Buddy has returned for a few days, just to liven things up a little. He is one lively little chartacter who just loves to play with other dogs, regardless of how big or boisterous they might be. And they don't come more challenging than Jake, the Springer Spaniel. He hasn't got a nasty bone in his body - quite the opposite, but when it comes to playing with other dogs he can get a little over the top. So there may be something in Buddy's gesture ! Meanwhile a local walk with Buddy and training dog Lucy was frequently interrupted by heavy showers finished off by a hailstorm ! Pity Honey !! Honey is good enough to lick Unlike Jake, who gets a different reaction ! Meanwhile Buzz has come in for a few days "rest".....ummmm ! This 13yr old Springer Spaniel is a little rotund and deaf but his youth can certainly return in a flash, given some smells and a field. Good for you Buzz !! Buzz....... ....... just keeps on going

A walk along Riggindale in the Lake District

While I was busy training and then carrying out a home visit in Richmond, Nth Yorks., Paul offered to take Honey and Lucy with him on a fell walk. He decided to drive down to Haweswater and once parked up, walk up Riggindale to High Street. As you can see, the weather was perfect for them. He kept a close eye on Honey. Afterall, she is very small and it was a long walk. But apart from the occasional pickup so she could literally get to the next level, was quite happy walk by his side. Lucy is in for training and I have, yet again, been blessed with a fantastic dog. Obviously she's not perfect otherwise she wouldn't be with me. But with careful training things are slowly changing for the better for this rather anxious little dog who is a joy to have around. More photos will appear no doubt ! Janet Rough Crag (Riggindale) with the summit just left of the leaves Lucy by Caspel Gate Tarn ...... .... and with Small Water and Haweswater in the background "Co