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Chester and Lewis visit a Pennine valley

With the winds being too strong to safely walk very high up, I opted to walk along one of the Pennine valleys with Chester and Lewis. No health and safety worries for these two! Chester !! Chester & Lewis Even Lewis admires the view

Boxing Day already ?

After a "forced" day off for Christmas ( I had to cook dinner for 9 so there was a reason ! ), it was back on with the wellies and away we go. Unused paths allowed me to take the dogs through woods and along the muddiest of tracks, and if I could get through, so could everyone else !! The smallest member of the party displayed the most determination. While the other dogs simply walked through, Honey had to negotitate her way through and only needed picking up once ...... when she was facing a swim across a very large flood! ".. if I put my right foot here ... and my left foot there ... I should be ..  .. oooKAYYY !!! PHEW " Some of the walk took us along very wet and flooded areas, although looking at Lewis, his concerns appear to be elsewhere. As usual, Jaffa doesn't venture too far from me. Mud, Mud, Glorius Mud     Harry But nothing phases Harry, a lovely Yellow Lab, who, like Jaffa, likes to knew just where I am ! Janet

High Cup Nick

I decided to take Lewis up to High Cup Nick this afternoon. This is a beautiful part of the world, although the density of mist prevented me from seeing very much. This is not really reflected in the two photos below, which were taken further down. Lewis stands in front of a misty High Cup Nick.. before relaxing  ...  finally ! My lovely dog Tilly, an 18mth old Clumber Spaniel, looks like she's had just about enough of a certain little dog racing around her wanting to play. If you look at the bottom photograph, I think you'll understand what I mean about our pocket rocket ! Which dog still looks full of beans ....... ?? .... need I say !!

Christmas with Lewis and Harry

I have two dogs staying with me for several weeks, including the Christmas period. Lewis is a Collie who displays a most unusual and initially scary trait; when he's very happy and submissive, he comes by name, wagging  his tail ...... with his top lip curled backed showing every tooth on his top jaw ! For the first timer, it's a case of "help"! But aggression is not part of this lovely dog's makeup. Lewis is very placid and has always fitted in really well here. Equally placid is Harry, a Yellow Labrador. Like Lewis, this is not the first time that Harry has stayed with me and if truth be said, these two are always welcomed back because they are such nice dogs. Photos will be taken very shortly, which will include Lewis' lovely smile ! Janet

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Honey is fighting fit again

Having succumbed to a mystery illness which forced her to be put onto a drip and an overnight stay at the vet's, Honey is now back home - much to our relief ! This little dog means so much to my family. Her confident, inquisitive nature is a real joy to see, as is her feistiness when she tells another dog that "enough is enough" ! So to see her slowly improve and regain her true character is fantastic - something that all dog owners can relate to. Janet

Black Ice

After days of rain, grey skies and mud for as far as the eye could see, today I was met by something a little more challenging - black ice. So for the sake of self preservation, the dogs had a good play on my large lawn until the thaw started to set in and I knew I was safeto get out and about. Janet Jaxson with Louis close by Harvey and Louis

Breakfast for Harvey

Promoting my business as "luxury home boarding" has just become a whole lot easier with Harvey insisting on having breakfast in bed ! "Everything to your satisfaction Harvey ?"


I thought I would post a photograph taken today of me training Jenson, a 6 month old Labrador. He came with his owner for some basic training and I have to say is a quick learner. I have to say however, that he is easily distracted - looking at this picture. He really should have had his eyes on me, not some strange man with a camera ! Janet "Jenson " !!

Buddy gets down and dirty

OK, it may have been my fault but not entirely. I took Buddy and others out for a walk this morning but didn't insist on him getting dirty !!! This fun little dog arrived so very white and clean and although I did my best to send him off in the same way, I think I may have failed. But the owners know that he's enjoyed himself while he was here and he has the privilege of being the first face on my new >>>  photo of the week <<< page. Please click on the words to see it. The image below may give you a clue .... but I doubt it ! I know it's a dog, but ..?? Tall dogs end up with dirty legs.     Short dogs end up ....  just very dirty ! Buddy sporting his "street" look ..... ..... all over Meanwhile the site of Alfie almost disproves the fact that the fields were and are muddy. A Lakeland Terrier, Alfie is a regular visitor who loves being outside. He plays very well with other dogs and returns when called. Initially he was a

Nothing beats a walk in the rain ... bitter winds... and more rain !!

Back to work after a few days holiday and straight into some real December weather. Cold, snow, gales and rain ... plenty if it. !! However, with some fun dogs staying, exercising them in the elements is of little consequence ..... other than the fact that I have a never ending pile of towels which need to be washed and dried. I have posted a number of pics as they relate to the last few days and involve different dogs. Wednesday I had Jake and Tilly staying with me. This was just for 24 hrs so that they could get to know me a little before their long stay in the New Year. The grey skies over the snow covered Pennines gives some idea as to how bitter conditions were for us. Jake and Tilly We're now walking into the wind ! And of course you can imagine who is there with me ..... a certain little Chihuahua ! Looking at this photograph made me realise what a little thing she is. Honey is such a fantastic dog who adores playing with guest dogs .... until they get a l