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Saying "goodbye".

Not many things tug at my heart strings and cause me to reach for the tissues, but dogs are the exception. So you can imagine how I was when it came to saying "goodbye" to two of the three pups I had. My lads are now living in Kent with fabulous owners who are fully experienced with Clumber Spaniels. It was wonderful to receive this photograph of Bill, having made himself at home !! Travelling from Cumbria to Kent is a tiring journey ! Running the business means long hours, with early starts and quite late finishes. Paul was on "early" duties recently and was met by this beautiful sunrise. It's not always raining in Cumbria Our Chihuahua Honey is never left out of anything - she makes sure of that ! And like all the dogs, travel means riding in the safety of the transit box in our truck. Back seat driver Honey Meet 9 mth old Sidney, a Dutch Shepherd who has travelled from Portsmouth to stay with me for the next few weeks to be trained. Even at