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My residential training guests

Meet Dolly, a young German Shorthaired Pointer who's a residential guest of mine. She really is a lovely dog and has grown in confidence over the past three weeks. On arrival she wouldn't sit to the command and never have stayed - how things change ! Her willingness to please has made Dolly a real pleasure to work with. Dolly enjoys a blow dry Ten month old Sophie arrived only a few days ago for residential training. A German Shepherd, she had started to make her owner's life somewhat of a misery with her antics and behaviour. Paul, who likes German Shepherds, has been helping me to train her and we agree that she is on her best behaviour with both of us. Sophie's road work, heel work etc. is really good and I think this photo says alot about her. Being early days, she is not off the lead but being trained in our field on a long line which in time will come off when we're confident she will come to the recall every time. Sophie Recent floods have been