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Elvis lives !!

Elvis For the past two months, Paul has been working with Elvis, a really wonderful 8 month old Working Cocker Spaniel. He's mentioned how much he's enjoying training this youngster and that Elvis is picking things up quickly, though having seen this photograph, I'm not exactly sure what he means ! Ralph and Inka "I hope you're not intimidated by me looking up your nose", says Ralph to Inka. Boom !! Not many dogs about here and for good reason.  Even seasoned gundogs would have shuddered at the boom of some of the explosions - though for us humans they were spectacular ! Finn A bad hair day is a bad hair day - even for Finn, a Bedlington x Whippet. Peanut  Peanut is a beautiful looking Cocker with the softest eyes and eyebrows to match. Jura  Ju ra has a great expression. She stayed with me on a 24 hour "try out", which I ask all potential dogs to have before boarding.This allows me to see how well they settle