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Q. Who was that ??!! A. Harry, that's who.

While I was spending a couple of hours with Jet's owners, demonstrating everything that she'd been taught prior to them taking her home, Paul decided to take the dogs out for me. Thankfully he had his camera with him for Harry ! If ever a dog epitomised an animal letting of steam, he does. With tremendous grace, he absolutely charges over the field ...... though thankfully understands the recall ! Play with me Brooke Harry is in pursuit of Brooke, a beautifully natured Cocker who I trained for a month at the start of the year. Despite being a very soft and well natured dog, Harry just couldn't stop running - much to Brooke's annoyance. So a quick, persuasive touch was needed just to say - "enough!".   The message ? "I've had enough !" But the great thing is that dogs don't hold grudges. Later on I went into the kitchen and found this ....... and yes they DO have seperate beds ! Harry and Brooke, regaining energy for the ne

Meet some fantastic guests!

Tilly Tilly is a fabulous litte dog, who, after a nervous start, has really come out of herself . And her best friend ? A certain Chihuahua ! In full flow Coming round the bend is my Choccy Lab guest Cleveland, followed by a Jet.   I thought I'd also post these two pics of Honey and Jaffa. If ever there was a child / grandma relationship between dogs, this is it !  On walks, they are almost inseperable - well for Honey at any rate ! Honey and Jaffa after a rather long and wet walk ! Sharing Janet

Meet Jet and Grace

Jet arrived a few days ago for some residential training and so far so good ! This one year old black Lab has a lovely personality. Her training is coming on really well which I'm pleased with. But no training is complete without some socialising. This morning she came out with Paul and me (Honey in his shadow!) as we walked with Brook (Cocker Spaniel) and Grace (West Highland Terrier). This aspect is so important and this was amply proven today by Grace. Initially she lacked the confidence of Jet but once in the field, her fears melted away and she was racing about enjoying herself. Janet Jet in full flow Grace - there is also a white version of the same dog !