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My fields

The recent good weather has meant that Spring has finally landed and everything is turning green, not least my garden and fields. And these two fields are really coming into their own at the moment. With sheep and lambs dotting the landscape in every direction, the dogs main walk is always on the lead. But following a rest, the afternoon activity is in the fields where the dogs can play with each other, chase after a ball or simply catch grass - just ask one year old Nellie ! Nellie on tip toes But for HRH,  the thought of exercise is tiring in itself ! Adding insult to injury, she evens sleeps right next to where Paul is working !! Poppy the Cocker Spaniel began boarding in a quiet and reserved manner, though by the time she was going home, I was seeing the real Poppy. Dave, a 2yr old Labrador. He's a young lad who can be a little boisterous but doesn't have a bad bone in his body ! We all like Dave - until he crashes into us ! Breeze stay