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I'm enjoying myself!!!

I have finally been able to take a decent picture of my Chocy boy. As you know I am not very good with a camera and the weather has been against me too so here at last is Jack! He is with me for a month of training and he is coming along really really!! It is known that I like a challenge!!.... but my extensive knowledge of dog behaviour twinned with my ability to train has really been tested with my boy Jack. He is now a joy to have around me and is listening to my every word and command, I know that his owners are going to be thrilled on his return home ......and yes I think I am going to miss him.


The other day I received a phone call offering me a dog. No ordinary dog though. Rather unfortunate circumstances for the owner have made me the very proud owner of Honey - who has obviously made herself at home. I was very sad knowing the reasons for her permanent stay. Without embarrassament, I admit that I cried on being told. I had a mixture of feelings, from sorrow through to pure happiness. I'm very very pleased that Honey is one of "my" dogs and know that she will be a real benefit to future guest dogs who arrive with anxiety issues because she has that certain little way about her. Honey ....... surveying all before her.

Keeping it in the family

Why not follow This is Fran's blog, as she trains Hugo, a Springer Spaniel, from the basics right up to being a fully trained working gundog. It's obviously going to take a while but will be well worth it. Janet

Cats and dogs

One great thing about owning a dog is that you’re forced to don your boots and face the elements, whatever the season. The fact that we’re on the cusp of summer would not be recognised by the traits usually associated with it. Strong, cool winds driving rain in day after day has meant that I’m either drying a dog or else washing and drying the towel! My two training dogs, Ellie and Jack, are indifferent to the weather – as they should be. Photographs of these two will be added from Tuesday, when Paul is in holiday. At least he won’t need to worry about getting sunburnt! Janet

Chocy Boy

Jack arrived here recently for a month of training with me. He arrived rather out of control with rather distraught owners hanging onto the end of a lead, this, unfortunately, is a common sight for me but luckily for the many owners I see an easy problem to overcome. Jack is now walking to heel, on a slip lead, sitting and recalling when asked. He still has his stubborn moments but we're working on them!! Grooming is new to Jack and he actually quite likes it especially when there is a reward at the end of it, he is looking rather smart now as the grooming has helped his puppy hair to come out! Jack didn't like being told what to do when he arrived and giving anything up that he may have had in his mouth was a challenge in itself. Jack and I now enjoy a game of fetch with a ball and he retrieves it every time and gives it to me on command now as well. As you can see the training is progressing very well and it is allowing the real Jack to shine through, not the hoody th

"Note to self - remember compass"

Thankfully my knowledge of certain fells requires no compass at this time of year - though the same can't be said in winter. But with Fran as company, I thought I'd take Molly, Spike and Tilly to one of my favourite places. Where is that, you ask? Well, count how many other people you can see and you'll understand that it's a secret! Janet

Did you hear that ?

Few things provide as much peace and quietness as a walk on the Pennines. And so I decided to leave the car at Dufton and take Mollie and Tilly onto the lower reaches - showers and all. Both dogs are a pleasure to walk - a walk made even better by not having to put them on a lead, despite the sheep. Both kept close to me throughout, which is exactly what I wanted. Janet Not much of a view for Mollie But for Tilly it's a different story

A Kite Flying Day

When the children were young, we always seemed to have a kite somewhere! And on a day when I really needed it, where was it ? Who knows! But yesterday, Fran and I went onto the lower hills on a rather blustery day !! With her little brown Cocker Maddie by her side, she was able to take a couple of pics of my first walk of the day, but was absent when I needed her for my second. However, I hope you enjoy these photographs. Janet Maddie I'm in control Quick, before I lose it !!

Molly's got it !

Believe it or not, my Cocker Spaniel guest Molly loved to run ........ and not come back! How times have changed. And little Honey can't help showing off all the commands she learnt recently. As for Olive - she had to come out of that long grass sooner or later! Janet Molly knows not to barge through anything at anytime ! "Janet, look at me", says Honey! Just what is that laying in the long grass?

Stella ...... and the first cuppa

Few people sit and talk “dogs” first thing in the morning – but we do! After the initial greetings have subsided and the "necessaries" completed, the dogs go back to resting again – albeit with one eye open to ensure that they don't get left behind at the first sign of a walk! And so it was this morning. Over a cup of tea, Paul and I discussed Stella and our delight at how she has changed since she first arrived. Initially she was scared of the other dogs and took herself into a corner. Her fear was demonstrated by some strange noises and mild aggression which I soon solved. Over her time with me, she has really grown in confidence – and obedience. The dog that once pulled on the lead is no more nor is the threat that once let off, she would just be a white dog that quickly bacame a smaller and smaller dot ........I hope you know what I mean ! I freely admit that it gives me immense pleasure to see a dog change in such a positive way, as I strongly believe the animal is m

Buttercups and dandelions

Some photos of my morning stroll with the pack. The next batch may well include photos of Honey, who has come in for some emergency boarding. Janet Molly and Roma Stella leaving everyone in her tracks Molly in full flow Where did they go ?

Enjoying an early summer evening's stroll

Early summer ? OK, I may be getting hopeful but you never know ! Last night was another beautiful evening and these four photos certainly show how much strain and stress I put the dogs under (!). Janet "First one to Roma" Molly Molly (L) Stella and Molly Stella (L) and Molly