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Roma, Molly and Sumo all love winter !

This is our Search & Rescue Mountain dog Roma, refusing to take another step ! Although our 10 year old Border Terrier x Patterdale has a terminal illness, she still has times when her old energy and enthusiasm return, whereupon we all make the most of it. Roma admires the views ! Take yourself back to your primary school days and remember how it felt to put every drop of effort into winning a race ........ now look at 5 month old Molly and her expressions as she strives to reach Paul and those memories will come flooding back ! Jogging to Rachel but... the sprint to Paul just  gets faster .... and faster .... AND FASTER !!! Meet one little diva - Lulu. My Yorkshire Terrier boarding guest struts from one room to another before settling on the most comfortable looking chair. What else did you expect ? Lulu using the floor to sleep on ? Don't be silly !! DO NOT DISTURB ! 20 minutes in the snow and poor Sumo is a dog like no other ! This poo