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Rufus is off !

8mth old Hanna is one of my training clients. She has a lovely temperament and as someone who's owned Rottweilers/Dobermans in the past, I found her to be representative of the breed. It saddens me that such beautiful dogs can get such bad publicity, largely due to a few thoughtless owners. Hanna Recently Rufus stayed with me for two months residential training. His stubbornness showed itself early on when he point blank refused to sit ! But over time he respected and obeyed the commands which Rachel and myself were using and we were both delighted to hand over such a well behaved and calmer dog to his owner. Rufus Meet Border Collie Alfie, who, along with his brother Charlie, is staying with me for a few days. Alfie Zara and Gerry came into the stable with me earlier today. While the former was inquisitive as to what I was doing, little Gerry didn't have the same confidence to stand up and be nosy .... but given time ! Zara Char