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The Pack

Our daughter Fran is in Montana USA and I've been left in charge of her Pack - quite an honour. She's due back in a few weeks time and I know she's already looking forward to seeing her beloved dogs again - and with good reason ! (On the group shot, L to R - Maddie, Nellie & Cash) Meet Maddie, a highly trained gun dog who's won competitions for trialling after a spot of mousing !! Back in for a few days boarding are Bailey and Fudge, who stayed with us earlier this year for residential training. They were a pair of loveable monsters when they arrived then, but when they were dropped off this time they were excellent and it's so good to see that their owners have maintained the training ! And with those tails there' little chance of us losing them ! When our fields grow as many buttercups as they do, it's not surprising that Fudge comes out the colour that she does. I thought I would post this photograph I'd been sent from my you