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Playtime for Honey and Buddy

Buddy has stayed overnight, much to the delight of Honey. These two dogs revel in each others company and I think the photos below pretty much sum things up. Aggressive dogs, snarling and biting are ....... a terrifying thing to see ...... ..... so I've heard ! Meanwhile a new training guest has arrived today. Lucy, a young Border Terrier. Due to an injury, this lovely little dog didn't receive the socialisation that is so important in a dog's development. So initially she's rather anxious but she'll gradually gain in confidence - especially if my own dog Tilly keeps behaving as she has been. Whenever she's around Lucy she's extremely calm, and as I write this, I have both dogs very close to my feet ! Janet T96HE55USQ34

Maddie the Cocker Spaniel

One evening earlier this week, Fran decided to take her dog Maddie with her when she went to work with her beautiful Palomino coloured horse Pan, who's a Welsh section D gelding. I thought I would post this photograph that Fran took, showing what a serious little dog she can be. This expression is just one that she can produce, depending on her mood and the situation she's in. At the moment Maddie is housebound, following a knee operation several weeks ago. Sadly she is confined to a cage in the living room for much of the time, to allow for full recovery. But this little dog is so hyper when allowed out that at times we've needed a lead to keep her from running all over the floor and up and down the walls !

Josephine and Chester

Josephine and now Chester have been collected by their owners and I was sorry to see both go. No doubt Chester will be returning in future and I like to think that Josephine might do too. The little Cavalier King Charles was in for training and completed her tasks very well. She was very responsive and very loving and her owner was so grateful to see her small friend behave so differently after only seven days ! I really love home boarding dogs as invariably I have some wonderful guests staying with me. It's a rarity that I ever need contact the owner to say " please come and rescue me now ! ". And you can tell from these two photos that Chester and Josephine hardly fit the bill for nasty dogs. The only thing nasty about Chester is his love of all forms of water. Puddles are seen as a bath ...... muddy puddles are seen as a mud bath ..... and so on. I think the photo of Chester shows him at his happiest ! On a personal basis, I was delighted to be told that I'

Come here Josephine

For the last few days I've been enjoying the company of one year old Josephine, a Cavalier King Charles. She's come in for some basic training - walk to heel, sit etc., and so far is coming along very well. Josphine was rather anxious on arrival, a little unsure about her new surroundings and new dogs ...... but a certain Chihuahua was having none of that ! Honey has made her play, with chases around the living room, instigted by both. The latest thing is for a little bed sharing. Janet

Barney gives Paul the run around !

Barney was given an early morning walk by Paul today, prior to being collected by his owner. The young dog was able to burn off some steam at a beautiful little spot that will remain nameless, given that few people ever go there ! And finally Paul managed to take some photos that weren't blurred due to Barney's speed ! Janet


Isla, a young Yellow Labrador, has arrived for a few days boarding. She's a lovely natured dog who gets on very well with the other dogs. Paul has been out and about walking the dogs and was delighted to see Isla's total lack of interest in sheep. He sensibly put her on a lead only to find that as they approached the handful of animals, she suddenly felt more secure on his right side, away from the flock ! Meanwhile Barney is still enjoying himself. This cheeky lad is a joy to have around and really settles well

Goodbye Milo

Today we said goodbye to Milo after his four week residential training course. This lovely dog’s training was carried out by Fran, who did a wonderful job. On being collected, his owners were given a full demonstration as to what had been achieved prior to them taking over, under the watchful eye of Fran, who was able to steer them in the right direction as and when needed. I hope this isn’t the last time we see Milo ….. something tells me it won’t be, for all the right reasons. The photo of Honey really does give the sense of her size. For such a small dog - and she is small - she is full of character. When out and about she likes to be with Paul's elderly dog Jaffa, or Paul himself. On the walk today was Lucy, a black Cocker Spaniel with a lovely temperament ... and a love of water ! Janet

Tranquility in The Lake District .... if you know where to go !

Right now we have some wonderful dogs staying. Tan & Storm, who have been with us for several days, were joined this morning by 9mth old Springer Spaniel Barney. He's a real livewire but very responsive to commands, both verbally and with a whistle. Meanwhile Tan and Storm are both great to have around, with the latter being happiest when a stick is thrown for her. This habit has even generated some interest from Honey ..... who settles for twigs, for obvious reasons. Today's photograph was taken within The Lakes. But despite this being school holidays, we didn't meet anyone. For an enlarged photo, please click on the smaller one. Janet

My new website for Cumbria Dog Training

Always the perfectionist when it comes to this type of thing, Paul has been itching for some time to change my website. He's main complaint was that it opened too slowly ..... and he'd made the original ! So after several weeks of playing around, he put the new site online today. All I want is for it to work and to continue to let me stay in business !! Janet