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We've landed !

Three days into our new address and finally the boxes have gone and we’re beginning to feel at home. The only sour note is that our internet connection has gone into cyberspace and beyond - hence this is being written from the village Post Office's "internet cafe". However, on a positive note the first dogs here are wonderful. Poppy, a beautiful orange roan Cocker Spaniel and Harry, a very expressive Italian Spinone have arrived over the last two days. My trio of guests is completed by 18 month old B.B., a fantastic black Cocker Spaniel. She arrived today after I’d been walking Poppy and Harry. We enjoyed one of the many beautiful walks nearby. The autumn colours have arrived in abundance and the seasonal change makes for some interesting smells for the dogs as they explore through the leaves. Tomorrow we’ll be out and about again and I for one am looking forward to it ! Honey has to be there ! Poppy on the left and Harry on the right Run ! Ca

We're on the move !

After 11 years living in the Appleby area, we have decided to up sticks and move ..... a whole 12 miles away. Our new home is in the Lake District National Park, surrounded by farms and fields - including our own. This will provide an altogether different area to train in and I'm really looking forward to that. We've enjoyed our time in Bolton and the surrounding countryside, especially the view of the Pennines and High Cup Nick. But our new home will provide us with equally beautiful views and, if it's possible, even quieter surroundings than we have right now ! Our new home is in the foreground

Please don't take your dog for granted ..............

There are times when we take our dogs for granted, however much we love them. But when something out of the blue happens, we're given a sudden jolt, as if to remind us just what a major part of our life that friend is. And so it was that recently I received a phone call from a friend whose dog I've looked after many times. She'd been unwell so the owner took her to the vets, hoping that a quick check up and some medication would sort things out. But hearing how she'd been behaving, the vet carried out a number of tests including scans and that's when the cause of the problem was revealed  -  a brain tumour. This very sad news upset me. I've known this 6yr old dog since she was a pup. What could I say to a person whose pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and whose life span is now weeks rather than years ? Since the phone call I've visited the owners and their dog. She greeted me in her usual enthusiastic manner and displayed none of the sympt