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BIG DOGS .... and little ones

Rottweilers are a majestic breed though bad press over the years has tarred them as a dog to be wary of. But as the past owner of a beautiful – and soft – Rottie, I believe that a lot of it has been unjustified.  Recently I worked with 10 month Anna. This beautiful rescue dog had travelled with her owners from Cheshire for one of my day courses and was a joy to work with. A proud looking Anna Last week I had clients who'd travelled all the way from the Isle of Bute for one of my day courses. Lara, a Mastiff, and her owner stayed locally, allowing them to be wide awake for the day ! It was wonderful to work with a very dedicated owner and his young dog who'd been collected from a rescue centre just two months ago. Lara ......... ........ paying attention at the right time. Meanwhile Bonnie has gone home. She arrived in September for residential training and stayed much longer than usual due to her owners commitments. She was somewhat lost when she arrived thoug