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FUN is spelt D O G

Wow - what a day ! I've had a really great time at the Crosby Ravensworth show today, judging the dogs ......... and one pooch appears a dead lookalike for Honey ! This is what she'll look like when fully grown :) Country shows are fantastic. If ever there was a day when local people come together than it has to be on days like today. I was joined on this evening's walk by Fran, who took some photos of the dogs I currently have. Unfortunately Barney's pics were not good enough to post - sorry Barney. You'll be included next time ! Janet I hope you haven't dognapped Honey ! Difficult decision - shall I ask the audience ? The winner's expressions shows she's not  impressed by the antics of a neighbour Cilla .... and yes she did swim ! Lucy - the gutsy but loveable 5mth old Border Terrier

I’m Still Here !

Don’t let my absence from the blog give you the impression that my feet are up and I’m having a rest from the dog world. Far from it ! I’ve been busy helping with sheep chasing dogs, basic training and home visits for behaviour problems. A week ago I spent three hours with a lovely lady and her Collie who live close to beautiful Coniston. A short drive compared to Sunday, when I went   further afield – to Huddersfield ! Poppy, a dog I’d had stay recently for a month, had returned to some of her old ways for her owner and was starting to make life difficult again. It was lovely to see how Poppy responded to me when we met again. And of course her attitude was one of   “what else would you like me to do for you Janet ? “ !. By the time I left things had greatly improved. Poppy was respecting her owner and it was a real pleasure to see V. with much more confidence – something that has since been confirmed in an email that tells me everything is going to be great for both of them. No photo

Phew !

It's been non-stop since the Lowther Show. Yesterday, following training in the morning, it was off to Coniston for a behaviour case. Paul offered to keep me company, expecting an enjoyable stroll no doubt as I spent an hour with the owner. He was to be disappointed ! Believing that it may take an hour or a little more, he opted to stay in the car, as the house was nowhere near the lake. Big mistake! Three hours later I made an appearance. For some reason there was no smile on his face !! But I offered to take him for a meal at the nearby Old Church in Torver, where with my company (!) and the wonderful food, life seemed a little better. Today has been another hectic day, with dogs being walked in the morning, Tod being collected and another two training cases this afternoon. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Janet

For 3 bears, read 2 dogs

Getting up just gone 6.00 this morning, I went into the utility room to see Tod and Spike. I had to laugh. A rather indignant looking Tod appeared to have spent the night in a tight squeeze, while his room mate Spike was far more comfortable. Janet

The Lowther Show - as seen by Paul

Having been given a ticket for the show, I arrived with my camera to take a couple of photos of Janet, expecting her to be busy giving out her leaflets and free advice. On inspecting the photographs, it soon became clear that Janet is no "dog whisperer", but a very passionate lady who gets straight to the point ! As such, I thought I would post a sample of photos as shot. I hope you like them. Paul "I suggest you do this, this and this ....... or else !! "

On Top Of The World

Twelve months ago the thought of walking up a fell - any fell - was something I could only dream about. But these days, with my fitness still improving, my flat walks are now beginning to become more vertical. And so it was that yesterday I walked to the summit of Murton Fell, overlooking the beautiful Eden Valley and the Lake District in the distance. What a view ! Tod, the German Shorthaired Pointer was amongst the dogs and he really enjoyed himself. But where did he find that stick ?? And of course no walk is complete without Honey !! Janet Hero worship - for climbing to the summit Tod - with a stick !! ?? Honey's best friend, Jaffa

Meet Tiptree

Just back from my evening walk with the dogs, including Poppy and young Tiptree, a 5mth old Vizsla. She's with me just for the weekend and as I've not had long enough to bond with her and gain her respect, I needed to keep her on the lead. As for Poppy. Her month of training is finishing tomorrow and she really has changed. A month ago I would never have let her off the lead - for the sake of sheep alone ! But now she's offlead and has proven to be a really affectionate animal - despite the very sad way she was treated prior to being rescued. And with Vicky as her owner, I know Poppy has really landed on her feet. Janet

Fun in the sun!

Had a stroll with a few guests in some local fields, it was a bit too hot to go far this afternoon, after their main walk earlier this morning. My guests are so relaxed which is great and have lots of fun together!


 A bit of a play on the way to the top  A well earned rest at the top  Wheres everybody gone? Just found a bit of time to post a couple of photos of part of a walk I did three days ago with a few guests, it was a lovely day and a walk rewarded with super views.