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The terrible twins

Nine month old sisters Ziggy and Evie know all the best hiding spots. These two Working Cocker Spaniels are full of energy and keen to enjoy life at a pace. But by the end of the day they're starting to slow down ..... thank goodness ! Terrible twins Ziggy and Evie Butter wouldn't melt in the mouth of this beautiful little dog - would it ?? Evie Now that's why I've had different coloured socks on today. Thanks Ziggy ! Ziggy  Bridie arrived from Amsterdam for residential training several weeks ago and her behaviour has really improved. We now have a little Patterdale who can enjoy the Fells as much as we do ..... without disappearing into the distance ! Bridie enjoys freedom on the Fells Caught and guilty as charged ! Sumo a true look of guilt as he's spotted going up the stairs - then reminded that's not what to do. It's a fair cop guv. Driving locally a few weeks ago, I was taken by this beautiful sunset .... and the solitary shee