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Enjoying the weather - with good company !

I've been busy so at the moment I only have enough time to post some pics. I hope you enjoy them. Janet When left alone, Honey is a bigggg dog So, what shall we talk about ? Jaffa and Honey - eye to eye.....almost Thanks Brook !
The chance to return to my blog is a good reason to shout about my latest star, Honey! After less than a week, she has really made herself at home and responds to her name when called to "come". Around the house she has made friends with my dogs, holding her own in play. Walks have been off lead as the pics below show. Honey is full of energy and walked to the top of this fell with no difficulty. More to follow. Janet "Don't forget me!" "Phew - just about there" There's something down there that only a dog can see

Honey DOESN'T go walkabout

Paul came with me on one of my walks today, bringing his dogs Jaffa and Roma, while I had Honey and Tod. Tod is so well behaved off the lead I had no concerns about him disappearing. Given such good company and the fact that we were all in the middle of a large field, I was confident enough to take the lead off of Honey - and I'm pleased I did. She trotted off here and there but her favourite position was by my side! Just a short post for now - more later. Janet Roma, Tod and Honey .....and me ! Even dogs need a face wash

Three Lovely Dogs

Well, quite a day. Tod's had two training lessons today, the first at 8.00. I'm unsure who looked or felt most tired! Nevertheless things went well. Different commands are sinking in and I felt confident enough to give Tod his freedom from the lead. It's a lovely feeling seeing a dog change its' ways. Initially things felt like they were happening because Tod wanted them to, rather than the other way around - but that's slowly changed and will get better still. Despite an earlier walk, Tod came with me when I went out with Honey and Alice (more later). The only thing small about Honey is her size - nothing else ! She is full of character and energy and has socialised very well and quickly. It's wonderful to see how a dog - previously not mixed with other dogs - can accept others so readily, especially when two of them are much larger. Honey really enjoyed her walk with Tod & Alice - both of whom are careful with her. (It should be noted that Fran, my g

Meet Honey

Meet Honey, my newly arrived guest who's staying with me for the next month. She's a 6 mth old Chihuahua who's like a little pocket rocket. I've had to laugh at her darting around the table and the room. Judging by the immediate impact she's made on us I think it's going to be a fun month. For once, Roma, our small Patterdale/Border Terrier is able to look down her nose at a different dog. As I've said in the past, Paul's dog Jaffa just takes everything in her stride. For her, Honey is just another dog - she may even be Dexter the Great Dane !                                             Jaffa and Honey - with a small tennis ball

Sombody Loves Me !!!

Tod has arrived ! A German Shorthaired Pointer, 3 yr old Tod is with me for the next week for tidying up. Over the next few days I'll be writing more, but for now you'll just have to admire my admirer! Janet

Life's A Blur !

Another busy week is coming to an end. I must start off by talking about my two guest dogs Roxy and Archie. Regrettably I have no photographs to prove they were here! My efforts at taking good pics were rather poor, to say the least. A blurred shot hear, the end of a tail there. And Paul point blank refuses to put them onto the internet ! But back to R & A. Neither are here for training, only boarding. However, I've managed to get Roxy to heel correctly on lead (she's previously untrained) while obtaining some real improvements from Archie. He started off on a long lead refusing to listen to me. But today, nine days later, I had him walking off lead to heel. When allowed to leave my side, he was returning to the recall every time. Yesterday I had my sheep chasing client arrive from Threlkeld. Overall, things were going well, with the use of commands appearing to be doing the trick. But then Jack suddenly blotted his copy book! I needed the e-collar. Now this can be q

My Business Cards

Following on from an original idea by Brook's owners, Paul has put together a business card for me. Yesterday, my interview with the Herald was published in their business section. I was very pleased with it and the accompanying photograph of myself and the dogs. To coincide with it, we had placed an advert for the business which resulted in numerous phone calls and six definate bookings, including boarding, sheep chasing and a call out to stop an English Bull Terrier's aggression............I'm pleased to say that he is actually only 8 weeks but is becoming a problem for the owner! At the moment I have two dogs boarding. Roxy, a Fell Terrier and her companion Archie, a Cocker Spaniel. They've only just arrived so at the moment walks are on the lead, but that won't be the case for long. Janet