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"Smile - and don't drop the ball !"

This is a picture of Paul's Working Cocker Spaniel named Sumo, holding a training aid - in this case a rabbit ball. It was interesting to see how Sumo's behaviour - as a full male - changed once Paul took on another full male dog.  Having been a very calm character, he slowly started to guard his owner, with the inevitable "handbag fight".  Finally (!), Paul made the decision to have him neutered.   And as he proudly tells me, he has his "old Sumo back". Sumo Meanwhile the pups have all gone to new homes. It's a quieter place without them but I miss that little something only a puppy can provide. I'm not quite sure what it is - maybe the softness of the coat, their inquisitive attitude and a desire to investigate places they should go to ! Nevertheless, these three photographs are some of the last I took.