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Keeping it in the family

With day courses, training lessons, residential training dogs and boarding dogs starting to put a strain on us, we have asked our eldest daughter Rachel to join the business - something she did with a huge smile on her face !filling up my days from dawn to dusk, Rachel is very capable of working with dogs, be it training or walking on the hills, though her main work is being a Reiki Practitioner working with animals. Her first role - and with the blessing of his owner, has been to train the basics to a 5 month old Miniature Schnauzer who goes by the name of Henry. Proof of her ability to train has been demonstrated over the past 2 weeks since Henry arrived. He'd become far too big for his boots at home with no respect for his owner, whose hands he would bite ! However Rachel's calm but firm approach has seen this little lad change from a thug into a dog who fully respects her and the commands she gives. At 5 months of age there's still much he has to learn but he has mad