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A walk by the river

While I’m still on a forced leave of absence (!), Fran and Paul were out enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Keeping them company were four dogs - Milo and   Cleveland (Labs) along with Sky and Lewis (Collies). If you want to include Honey then it would make 4.5 dogs.   A beautiful spray of water from Milos' tail Even the dogs are encouraged to help with recycling - well done Sky ! Sky drying himself ..... while standing in the river Now you see it ...... ..... now you don't. Don't be fooled by her trick again Cleveland ! " What is that you're carrying Fran ? " --  Honey gets a ride !!

Meet Milo

My week in hospital was made easier knowing that the business was in the very safe hands of Fran and Paul. Fran carried on with all aspects of training plus meeting clients for the sheep chasing course, while Paul put on his walking boots and hit the hills ..... or wherever the mood took him. One dog Fran is training is Milo, an 18 month old Black Lab who is in for a month. He is a fabulous dog, very affectionate. Fran's very pleased with his progress so far, which, if you know Fran, is high praise in deed !! Paul took this photo of him a couple of days ago just after he'd got out the river ...... Milo that is ! Janet                                                                             Meet Milo

Meet Maddie

Lewis and Ruby were joined on their walk by Maddie, when Fran decided to join me for a beautiful walk up to High Cup Nick. Maddie is Fran's number one fan - simple as that. Fran has fully trained this 20 mth old Cocker Spaniel  since she bought her as a pup. She spent last year on numerous shoots with Fran, scrambling over the moors and through the bracken. Fran supports me in my dog training. She has a natural ability and never raises her voice. Her persistance and desire to achieve has brought about some wonderful results. She has trained  a number of dogs, from basic training right through to fully trained gundogs. At the moment she is training Jake to be a working dog. Anyway, a few photos of young Maddie enjoying herself. "How long have I got to sit here for ?" Maddie with Jake looking on Maddie being persued by Lewis and Jake Almost .... but never quite ! Lewis needs a rest High Cup Nick

Spring is here ..... I think

Me and my dog! At some point each day I find a little time to train my own dog Tilly for gundog work. She's a Working Clumber Spaniel as opposed to the heavier built "show" dogs favoured by the Crufts judges ! Tilly's stubborness is a trait of her breed - though at times I've wanted to scream ! But my determination to have a well trained gundog is almost complete. I like to think this photo shows that the love isn't all one sided ! While my dog is on her final stages of shoot training, Fran's dog Maddie is the next think to perfection !! She has been to numerous shoots over the past year and Fran has won alot of admiration for the way she's trained her dog - not always an easy thing to achieve in the male world of shooting and beating. Lewis While I've been busy training and helping people sort their sheep chasing dogs out, Paul has been out and about with guest dogs. With Jake and Tilly having gone home after 5 weeks, Lewis is stayi