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The Sunday Post

My sheep chasing article that Paul sent to a number of publications a month ago is still reaping rewards. The Sunday Post contacted me earlier this week and I'm due to appear in that paper. Having put the phone down, I had to Google "Sunday Post ", only to discover that it's circulated mainly North of the Border. Not bad, considering the press release was never sent to them ! Janet The Sunday Post ... at all good newsagents


Meet Jess, a Terrier X who is just full of energy! She's a very loving little dog who I'm looking after while her owners are on holiday. She's fitted in very well despite the fact that I don't seem to be able to tire her out !! I'm just grateful she stayed still long enough for me to take a snap of her. The photo below shows Jess charging towards a rather anxious Honey, no doubt for another game. Jess .....manages not to move  .... .... but a dog can only stay still for so long ! So what was going on behind me while I was taking these two pics ? A dainty looking Tilly decided to sit patiently and wait for me, oblivious that there was anything on her muzzle. When we're out together, Tilly is so close to me she is almost in my shadow. She's often to be seen walking on three legs, with a back one off the ground. But on the way home or back to the car, all four are put to very good use as she tries to see how far ahead I'll let her go ! Umm..

The Field

In between training lessons today, I received a phone call from a journalist working for The Field , interested in talking to me about the sheep chasing courses I offer. Paul emailed a number of publications in early January with a well written "press release" and it seems to have hit the spot ! So far it's featured in a number of publications including Cumbria Life, The Farmers Guardian (very shortly) and now The Field. This should appear in the March or April edition. So the pressure is on ........ Paul, sharpen your pencil again ! Janet