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And now for the sad news.

Wally needs a new home. This 2 year old Collie who has been staying with me for residential training over the past few weeks. For personal reasons, Wally's owners are unable to have him back, meaning he is now looking for  a new home. So what does this lad need ? At the very least :- A person / couple with experience of the breed is a must. No families. A rural home. The person / couple must be prepared to give time in continuing with his training must have patience in abundance. Wally is a young lad with issues ( NOT due to his owners), but as I have found, if you work hard you will slowly gain his trust, the issues diminish and with it he obeys commands. I have put alot of time and emotion into this youngster and we have started to really bond so expect a few tears from me when I say goodbye to him. If you think you could offer Wally a home with the above and a whole lot more, contact me through FB or my website - But pleas

What a wonderful "job" I have.

The challenges thrown up by a dog staying for residential training can be many and varied - that's why they're here in the first place. Wally, a young Border Collie is a prime example. A real fear of traffic made lead work very difficult, with the young lad pulling furiously, but little by little we are achieving success. These are still early days, but I feel Wally is trusting us more and more and with that will come even better results. The sight of a loose lead when faced with on-coming traffic is wonderful - well done Wally ! A loose lead on a relaxed dog The sharpness of Wally's eyes "Car ? What car Janet ?" A beautiful young dog giving me his undivided attention. The BFG -aka Chester- has returned for a few days boarding. By the looks of things, his relaxation in the river was quickly disturbed by Sumo- who can't understand why any dog would want to relax on holiday. Surely that's when you can have more fun than usual ?! Po