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Merlin has turned the corner !!

Well we've turned the corner ! By "we" I mean Merlin and myself. My young Australian Labradoodle guest is with me for a month for residential training and after a frustrating beginning, things suddenly took a turn a few days ago. It just happened in an instance - the sudden realisation that this little lad was both looking at me and following my commands was a fantastic feeling ! In the morning it was still the "old" Merlin that I was working with, but my perseverance suddenly came good later in the day - and in truth I just gave him a hug as I knew things were only going to get better from then on. Yes he can be stubborn and awkward at times, but he's the equivalent to a teenager, a Kevin and Perry dare I say it !! But with careful training, these traits will disappear. Merlin's desire to follow the leader's instructions really benefitted him this morning. He was one of five dogs (inc. Honey and Jaffa) Paul took onto one of the lower Fells nea

What is that in the water ?

Paul has managed to catch some rather wonderful photos of Tasha, my German Shepherd guest and Barney, my Lab x Staffie guest. These two certainly have bonded with Paul, especially Tasha, a 2yr old rescue dog. For her, Paul can do no wrong (!!!). But this love affair is mutual, so much so that after much deliberation and research, Paul has put his name down for a German Shepherd of his own. Due to be born next year, he's opted for a long haired dog .......  there's nothing like planning ! As for Barney. Forget the grey hairs - this lad is very young at heart. His favourite walking spots must include water and wood. From absolutely nowhere, this friendly lad will find a piece of wood and bring it to me, wanting it to be thrown. Add water to the game and "hey presto", one very happy dog! "Steady Tasha, what is that ????!!" Barney can't get enough  h2o - whatever the colour or smell ! "Where am I ?" "Right, I'

Meet Merlin the Australian Labradoodle

For some dogs, chasing a stick is so much fun. And judging by the photo below, Milly and Barney are having a great time - even if Barney's chain is blinding him ! Things have certainly improved with Milly, who arrived with the warning "she can run and run and run". So to begin with, she wasn't allowed in the garden without a lead on. But as can be seen, things have greatly improved and she's allowed a short time off lead before she loses interest in the game and heads off to who knows where! Meanwhile, Merlin, an Australian Labradoodle has arrived. This handsome young dog will be with me for the next month while I train him so there will be alot more pics of him to come. Janet Barney flying blind with his chain coming off Out of breath Milly "Hello there, I'm Merlin"

Oh No ................... BIG trouble

We have a new addition to the family. Well, when I say "we", I actually mean Fran. Let me introduce to you Nelly. One very happy owner ! Now obviously butter wouldn't melt etc and she's most definately the apple of her owner's eye ...... but ! Nelly is into everything. Poor Honey thinks a mini tornado has hit the house and won't leave. Just this morning I had to laugh as I saw one 9 week old Cocker Spaniel come along and start to bury herself under "the small dog's" bed. Now awoken but looking less than pleased, Honey, who is now only half in her bed, decides to get out altogether and make camp elsewhere! But all dogs need to know who the boss is and the photo below shows that Fran is beginning to establish her authority as top dog ........... but these are early days ! "We'll walk when I'M ready!"   But when resistence proves futile, it's time to get some sleep - in Honey's bed !! "I hope H