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What is that in the water ?

Paul has managed to catch some rather wonderful photos of Tasha, my German Shepherd guest and Barney, my Lab x Staffie guest.
These two certainly have bonded with Paul, especially Tasha, a 2yr old rescue dog. For her, Paul can do no wrong (!!!).
But this love affair is mutual, so much so that after much deliberation and research, Paul has put his name down for a German Shepherd of his own. Due to be born next year, he's opted for a long haired dog .......  there's nothing like planning !

As for Barney. Forget the grey hairs - this lad is very young at heart. His favourite walking spots must include water and wood. From absolutely nowhere, this friendly lad will find a piece of wood and bring it to me, wanting it to be thrown. Add water to the game and "hey presto", one very happy dog!

"Steady Tasha, what is that ????!!"
Barney can't get enough  h2o - whatever the colour or smell !
"Where am I ?"
"Right, I'm clean. Can we go home now ?"


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    The pictures are amazing!!


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