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Help?........With Gardening......

Another lovely day here in Cumbria, because of the heat I try to walk my guests in the morning and today was no exception. I still have Molly and Stella here for their training and today it was Molly's turn to be walked separately from Stella and she did very well, so I will be bringing them in together to work very soon. They go home in about 8 days and I know that their owners can't wait to see their "new" girls! I treated myself to some plants today and I had lots of "help" planting them when I got home! Its amazing how much pleasure a plastic plant pot can bring especially with the plant still in it!! Fortunately no harm came to it but of course it was my girl, Tilly, causing the chaos. Little Buddie went home today, he had a wonderful time making new friends here and didn't really want to go home, but I am seeing  him again next week when he comes with his owner to start his basic training. I am being kept really busy at the moment which is

The You Tube generation

In my desire to show owners just what their dogs are up to, I have bought myself a small video camera with the intention of filming and showing on You Tube ........... once I've been shown how to put them onto the internet. I thought my first efforts with the camera were worthy - until Paul then Fran cast their critical eyes over them and politely asked, "Do you think anyone's eye will be drawn to the dog in the background having a pee?" Thank God I know what I'm doing with dogs, because that call from Hollywood is a long way off ! Janet

Dippy's packing his bags.

The last 7 days have flown by. I've managed to get a handful of nice photographs sorted out which should show that nobody is too homesick ! (maybe Stella is, judging by her expression as she loses out to Molly!). Dippy has enjoyed some very worthwhile residential training over for the past 2 weeks and is due to leave tomorrow. I have typed out full instructions for his owners on how to keep up with his training, and will be spending a couple of hours with them when they arrive. I will want them to see how I do "this and that" and to make sure they have the confidence to continue once I'm no longer around. As with so many owners, I have every confidence with them. I've had great progress with Stella and Molly. Both been walked off lead and to heel and the time spent with other dogs has really been of benefit to Stella who has become far more relaxed. She was quite nervous on arrival and was anxious when other dogs approached her or she felt corned. To see her be

Sleeping Arrangements !

If anyone was in doubt about how relaxed the atmosphere is in my home, they should meet Stella and Molly. Stella, on the left, really lacked confidence when near other dogs. When she arrived she preferred her own company. Meanwhile, one of the problems Molly arrived with was a certain snappiness towards other dogs. So, what happens when they meet up?? Well, after just a few days and some carefully chosen words and encouragement, we now have the sleeping arrangements that you see below !! It's wonderful to see that dogs with such different traits can, with appropriate socialising and commands, start to change their ways. Janet Stella & Molly having an early night !

Goodbye Honey

Without doubt, the number of dogs I would prefer not to board again totals two!  That alone tells me something. The wonderful thing about my business is who I work with. Both the dogs and owners have made this far more than any 9 - 5 could ever be. I'm meeting some lovely, genuine people and being asked to work with some fabulous dogs. Yesterday was a rather sad day for me and I suggest if they could talk, for one or two dogs. After more than a month's training, Honey the Chihuahua went home. That little dog really did bring something to the house...........though it wasn't there to start with!! It was lovely to see that two dogs who'd be having a real rough and tumble one minute could be incredibly gentle the next when faced with a very small character. I did all I could for her and know that her owner will carry things on. Janet

Stella and the Mollies....and Dippy

On the eve of Honey's departure, some new guests have arrived - Stella and Molly from one owner and Dippy (or Diplock) from another. All are in for various reasons but suffice to say, the banner training can be applied to all three. Stella is a Terrier X while her mate Molly is a Jack Russell. Dippy is a young black Labrador, who, despite his size, knows not to play too hard with Honey !! As this is being written early in the day (very early !!), I'll post some pics from yesterday and write more about them later, when you will also see the handsome Dippy. Molly and Honey trying it on --- "get in the back you cheeky dogs !" "Which way did he go?" Thursday is hair day Now for the drying

Sheep Chasing

A recent guest has been Duke, a young German Short Haired  Pointer. One of the requests I had was to introduce him to sheep and to use any method available to deter the impulse in him to chase. I introduced the long line amongst other things but regrettably nothing worked. I was then forced to use an electric collar which did. It should be noted that he ran very fast towards the flock and that without the collar he may well have attacked / chased an animal. I appreciate that this is a controversial subject but believe that the alternative - having your pet legally shot by the landowner/farmer is far worse. Suffice to say, a single use gave the result that was wanted and I was able to walk Duke for the remainder of his stay off lead, with sheep about.


Molly has moved in - at least for the next month. She's a lovely black Cocker Spaniel, who, amongst other bad traits I have to deal with, has a nasty temper with other dogs..........or so I'm told! So far no evidence of being a little madam - Molly has been playing with all the dogs - not least Honey, who can pull out the best in everyone and everything ! Meanwhile Duke, the GSP, is slowly getting the message that life doesn't revolve around him. His whining for attention - which was constant to begin with - has become less and less, and significant progess has been made. With another beautiful day just starting, I'm now going out with the dogs, armed with my camera. Janet

Up the hill....

A quick chance to post some photographs from today. We walked through woods which the dogs loved - new smells etc etc. It took us onto a hill, which Honey and Bobby enjoyed - or at least coming down they did. How many dogs do you see smiling?? Unfortunately the walk included a beck. Judging by Honey's reaction it may as well have been the Nile, such was her resistance to get her feet wet. In the end I gave in - and carried her over. Dog:1 Trainer: 0 Janet  !! Bobby the smiling Cocker Honey "body surfing" down a hill. The odd one out has her feet ON the ground ! No tight squeeze in this bed !

April Showers

The dogs have again kept me on my toes and away from the computer, save for emails. This past week has seen me busy with training and the results have really started to pay off. The top photo shows me yesterday with Bobby, another Cocker Spaniel. He's staying with me for just over a week to improve his training and manners, having shown disrespect to his owners. In truth he's been as good as gold with me, listening to my commands - and knowing that I mean it ! Yesterday we both became rather wet in the heavy showers that welcomed in a new month. But a few towels later and he was dry! Bobby is shown further down the page as well - as I carry young Honey in my arms! It's been a pleasure to see how this little dog has developed since she first arrived.  Her confidence with other dogs, the way she returns to the whistle, and the fact that I am now getting her to sit and stay prior to recall. Brilliant. Janet