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It's cold !

Paul's five month old working Cocker Sumo looks shocked having jumped into a nearby beck . This young lad is a real water babe and one who will no doubt appear in future posts . WOW !! Meanwhile Sumo's brother Cash watches very carefully as Nellie demonstrates the art of the perfect dive on a hot August day . Nellie takes the plunge  My beautiful puppies have been collected and I have to admit I was upset at seeing them go, even though I knew they were going to loving homes . One little lad still to be collected is Five Star (nickname) who found some mud one day . He looks very tired in this photo and indeed went straight to sleep once given a bath . Five Star Relief from the puppies comes in the form of training Doodles, a Labradoodle. When she first arrived, this young lady was in a world of her own but those days are long forgotten. Doodles

When Honey met Toby

HRH has finally met a dog she can look into the eyes of without straining her neck. Meet Toby. When he first arrived Toby was somewhat reserved and took a day or two to come out of his shell and mix with the other dogs. He was even more blasé about Honey, but a sudden mad dash with her one evening has changed all of that ! It's wonderful to see such a lovely pair of dogs enjoying themselves as well as seeing our dog play with a member of her own breed. Now what could they be looking at I wonder ? Ever seen a Chihuahua smile ? (Toby (r) ) Ever seen two Chihuahuas smiling ? !! (Honey left & Toby right) Phew, time to catch a breath "Can you see that man in the bushes with a camera ??"