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How To Make Your Dog Sit Up ..... and pay attention !

Tilly and Annie both have lovely markings and Paul enjoys photographing them - if they sit still long enough! Walking them with our son recently, he decided they'd arrived at a suitable spot for a photograph, but they weren't so sure .... until our son got some sweets out of his pocket and began to rustle the wrappers ! Tilly & Annie We have a really biddable young lad staying named Freddie. And if one thing makes Freddie really happy it's the chance to play with a tennis ball ! Only a few days ago a really biddable young lad named Freddie came to stay. It quickly became apparent that Freddie liked to play with a tennis ball, so we forged an immediate bond using one. Freddie keeps his eye on the ball ......... ..... got it ! Running in the opposite direction, though with equal enthusiasm, is Honey, our 4 yr old Chihuahua who we were given at 6mths of age. Capture Honey when she decides to suddenly run rings around you and you'll capture a littl