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Sleepless nights

Having a litter of puppies to keep an eye on is a lovely experience though it's not all plain sailing. While some prefer to feed from their mother, others are opting for solid foods, though for one little character it's all too much - cue Janet ! I lifted his head, washed his face then laid him down on something far more comfortable ..... and all without waking him ! "My favourite pillow" Not so many weeks ago two brothers were doing much the same thing as above - but now look at them ! Cash (l) and Sumo (r) are almost 4mths old and playtime is very rough and tumble. In truth they're being raised completely seperately so this type of behaviour doesn't happen very often. A wet field and an opponent - perfect ! Meanwhile a very different dog has come to stay with me for a few weeks training - a West Siberian Laika named Zorro . He has been brought  into the UK by his owner who helped raise him as a pup while in Russia. This 8mth old lad is a very imp

When the weather is fine you know it's the time For messin' about on the river

With the temperatures soaring into the high 20's everyday, long walks onto the Fells have been put on hold .  Instead, Paul has been exercising the dogs in our local river, the Lowther, where they have been enjoying the chance to paddle or swim. Well, most of them have been ! For Cedar, it was the chance to relax and have her troubles washed away ! "Wake me up when you leave" Meanwhile Charlie is in no mood to lay down and relax . In typical style , he can only enter the water if he's allowed to make a splash . But before he was allowed to do this, Paul checked to make sure there was nothing below the surface which could harm this fun lad . Charlie makes his usual quiet entrance into water But star of the week has to be HRH, who managed to gain not just her 25m badge but also her 50 metre . Fran persuaded Honey to try and swim and off she went . . . . . . With Fellwalking and swimming under her belt, all she needs now is to ride a bike before she'll