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Wow - what a day !!

I had a fabulous day yesterday at the Coniston Show, held at Coniston Hall. The pitch for my stand could not have been better - on the shores of the lake. Continuous blue skies helped to make it a brilliant setting. I met some lovely people and the thing I enjoyed most of all was showing individuals how to deal with their dogs problems. The look of surprise that I was prepared to do that - there and then  - was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The one down side of the day ? Camera batteries!!  Hence an internet image of Coniston (just pretend it's lovely and sunny !) Janet

Aggressive Dogs

Dogs not getting on with each other is nothing new, though it's very rare that I have several in at the same time who can show aggression. For just the day, I had Ashka staying with me. And so it was that I decided to take the bull by the horns and expose her to Poppy and Holly ~ two others not slow in coming forward !! After a very short time with all three, I was able to take them on a walk together - something I was immensly pleased with. And so you have it. Three dogs on their very best behaviour.....despite the downpour ! Janet


Having taken Holly and Poppy for walks much earlier in the day, I returned home and left straightaway with Floss, my boarding dog. We went to an altogether different area and to a footpath which I doubt is often seen, let alone used.  With Paul's dog Jaffa and "you know who" in my shadow, we had a lovely time. On one side was the beautiful Eden Valley and on the other the Pennines. Taking a well deserved break, I took a couple of photos of Floss - but as usual, someone has to appear when not wanted !! Janet Floss enjoying a few moments rest ......... ...not now Honey !


I thought I would post a couple of shots of Poppy. The first shows an unhealthy interest in some sheep! At the moment she needs to remain on her lead, but before returning to her owner, I fully expect such photographs to be a thing of the past. After just a week, I'm really pleased with her progress. In the house and garden, she's socialising very well with the other dogs. Later today I will be taking her into Penrith to help her further. Locally, she's finally starting to leave passing traffic alone - now for the busier areas! Janet


Not satisfied with the"tacky" image (his words!) he quickly put onto my homepage, giving details of the summer shows I'm going to, Paul took it upon himself to play with with my website. I just let him get on with it ! I'm very pleased with the new things he's done on the homepage, and I have to say that the "shows" looks 10x better. Paul

Meet Poppy

How can you tell someone, in a subtle way, that they are not as important as you? Well in the dog world it appears that the answer lays in the bed. Honey has taken it upon herself to show my new guest Poppy that her bed is preferable to Honey's. And where is Poppy forced to lay (or sit) ??!!! Don't worry, I soon moved Her Majesty! Poppy arrived a couple of days ago for a month. A 6yr old rescue dog, she's arrived with a number of issues. though within a short space of time, some of these have been addressed and resolved. And with Honey by my side in support, I feel confident that Poppy will go back to her loving owner a completely different dog. Janet "Just my front paw and tail to go, then I'll be in".

Caught in a corner

I thought I would post a couple of photos, taken in my garden. I didn't realise the camera was aimed at me when I was playing with Honey. The second shows me taking appropriate action when cornered. Stay calm and politely ask all to sit ....... unless they're called Louis, in which case it's a case of lay! Janet Grrrrr..... "I must stay calm.."

Have I got Chihuahua blood in me ?

A strange question I know but the last few days I've felt a little like my Chihuahua Honey, who suddenly goes round and round trying to catch her tail. I feel like I'm on the go all the time, not that I'm complaining. The light provided by the longer summer days means I can spend more time outside with the dogs, be it training or simply enjoying walks with them. Added to that, I've decided to enter a number of shows as a stall holder and I'm in the process of getting all my leaflets etc etc designed and printed. Confirmation will be shown on the homepage of  but I expect to be at the following :- Penrith            -    Saturday 23rd July Lowther          -    Sat & Sun 13th & 14th August Brough            -    Thursday 18th August Appleby          -    Saturday 20th August Westmorkand  -   Thursday 8th September If you see me looking hot and flustered, don't be put off - come and have a chat !!


A new guest arrived yesterday abeit just for a couple of nights, he is called Verdie...(yes it is an unusual name!) and he is a chocolate Flat Coat Retriever. His owners brought him to me for training a couple of months ago and he is lovely and calm and very biddable. He is enjoying making new friends with my dogs and is playing well, out on walks he is well behaved too! Little Buddie arrives today just for the night while his owners are out enjoying themselves! Buddie loves it here and we love having him to stay, he is a real character, although this visit he will be kept on a lead when out as he has a broken growth plate, so needs to be kept quiet........ should be interesting! Never a dull moment here!