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Mick has no worries !

If you don't think dogs show emotion, think again. Ten month old Cocker Mick is just too fast for Charlie, and the happiness he feels is expressed across his face in a smile ! Both are enjoying the frost and winter sunshine - something we could only have dreamt about a year ago, as we recovered from Storm Desmond. Mick - one happy little dog While one dog is racing at speed and staying on all four feet, another loses balance altogether and rolls down the hill - though never loses grip of the dummy he was sent out to retrieve. This is Sumo, Paul's beautiful little 'Working Cocker Spaniel. "Use your feet Sumo !" Time out for me and my dog Pixie. Pix is a year old Working Cocker Spaniel who's gun dog training has come a long way and I'm very pleased with her progress. I love the eye contact she's giving me. My own girl, Pixie A recent residential training guest was 6 month old Lula. After her initial stubbornness had been worked through, sh