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Life's High Flyers

Ziggy is one of life's high flyers - in every way. Fran's one year old Working Cocker Spaniel - who she bred herself - is showing all the signs of being not only a very good gundog but of having the potential to be a trialling dog. Ziggy  If ever a photograph summed up Honey, this one does. This bright eyed little Chihuahua likes nothing more than to lay on something soft, be it a bed or a cushion. The only proviso ? It needs to be in a warm spot, preferably next to an Aga ! Honey Luna went home recently, having stayed with us for two months of residential training. After one or two early set backs, progress was fast and she proved herself a quick learner, remembering what she'd been taught. These two photographs really do represent this lovely dog and the loyalty she showed us. Loyal Luna Luna If you want a real character around the house, look no further than Louis, an 11 mth old  Shih Tzu. When he first boarded with me a few months ago he was a l