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What is it about Cockers ?

A portrait shot of Paul's lovely little Working Cocker Spaniel Ella, who adores him ! Ella This is one for the scrap book - Elvis in quiet contemplation ! Paul has been training this 9 month old live wire Working Cocker Spaniel for the past 3 months and is enjoying every minute of it. And it's easy to see why ! Elvis 8 year old Millie came to stay with me for a 24 hour "try out" prior to a longer board. Judging from her expression, this lovely Westie has made herself right at home - which is exactly what I want ! Millie Kes, a beautiful dog who's darkly photogenic. Kes A simple photograph Paul captured a few evenings ago, very close to home. He'd been out with his own dogs who were back in the truck - as seen on the left of the photo. Sunset Another day of walking the dogs in the Park....oh well, someone has to do it Martindale