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Let sleeping dogs lie

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and with temperaments to match. Meet Nico, who came to board with me recently. This Chihuahua X was great company to have staying, both for me and by the way he played with other dogs, for them to - something that can never be overlooked. Nico For a few short worrying moments this morning, I thought Tilly had decided to up and leave us. Her bed was empty and she was no where to be found - until Fran asked me in all sincerity, "Why's Tilly sleeping on the kitchen chair ?" "Ssshhhh ...... Tilly doesn't like to be disturbed" Paul's smiling 4 month old pup Mick thinks his owner is the "bee knees" - as this simple photograph suggests.  Rest assured, wherever Paul is, Mick and Sumo will be very close by ! Mick running to Paul Meet Penny and Lily, my two fierce looking French Bulldog guests who are staying with me for residential training.  Ignore the expressions though. These two small