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The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Over the years I've worked with most breeds, from Akitas and Rottweilers through to Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers. Now I can mention another breed - a Czechslovakian Wolfdog. Meet Kyra, who I'm just beginning to train. As these are early days, the long line is still required to prevent her running off but this is only for short term use until I know with complete confidence that she will respond to the recall. Talking with Kyra's owner Not a common sight in the English Countryside On a different note, Paul was contacted at the start of the week by the Farmers Guardian, asking to use his very powerful photograph from one of my sheep chasing lessons. It features on the "Sheep" page on my website and previously featured in an article on me last year. The dog featured is a Presa Canario x Rottweiler. And I can honestly say that no sheep was bitten or harmed. An all too common sight caused by thoughtless owners But to finish off, let me introduce y

Lateral thinking at its' best !

I've finally found a dog walker who understands why dogs behave as they do and who thinks on the same wavelength as a dog. Meet Charlie. On first meeting my residential training guest Sandy, Charlie knew he had to demonstrate who was in charge - and it certainly wasn't the big Retriever, lovely though he is. And so with a little persuasion here and the odd tug there, order was established. "Like I said ....... come with me because ..... ....... I'M IN CHARGE !!! What's better than one Retriever ? Two. The second comes in the shape of a regular guest of mine, Chester. I think Paul went on a scouting mission to find out where all the mud pools were prior to this lovely lad arriving. And judging by Chester's appearance, it was time well spent ! Chester (L) - Sandy (R) Charlie would do well to walk young George, a six month old Springer in for boarding, who has also started training with me. This lad may be young but he's strong