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Good enough to eat ?

Bonnie arrived earlier this month for training and the first problem I encountered was a simple one - to make her sit. While she would do so on hearing the rustle of a sweet wrapper in my pocket, the actual command was met with stubborn resistance ! But thankfully my persistence has paid off. This little dog is testing me in many ways and she is not an easy case. But Bonnie has different issues and problems and no doubt because of these, I've developed an even softer spot for her than I usually do with my guests. "Janet ..... .... I like you !" Meanwhile live wire Albert is really doing well - when he stops wagging his tail and bottom ! This young Springer is also in for training and after a few initial hiccups has turned the corner and is really doing well. The long line is a distant memory with only the lead still occasionally needed, though as this photograph shows, that will be off soon. Albert focusing just on me Now what on earth is going on here