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I've not really mentioned Jaxon, a young Cocker Spaniel.  Jaxon has been with me for a few days now and has proven to be a very loving little dog. I'm keeping his training going throughout, whether it's lead work or something as simple as sitting and waiting at the door prior to me going through. Jaxon. If ever a dog looked happy ! Obviously Paul was snapping away and laughed at the photo below. I was telling the pack to sit - including Honey - but this little madam was having none of it. Off she ran to her favourite snapper ! Honey decides to play truant The last two pics are of Archie. Who me ? Archie in full flow Janet

Disrespect ? Ummm ... I think so !

My comments about Archie being a gentleman are a little off the mark ! While talking to a very good friend in the kitchen, he decides to walk in and try and relieve himself on her !!! After years of working with dogs, this is a first - and hopefully the last. Butter ...... melt ....???? ! Staying with me at the moment is Jaxon, a Cocker. Jaxon wasn't terribly sure of things over the first couple of days but since then he's really been enjoying himself. After his daily walks he lays by my chair sound asleep in the evening .... providing he's not being bothered by Honey ! Janet

Have I Introduced Archie To You ?

Well my week in Scotland has come and I'm afraid to say, gone. But what a time. Accompanied by my daughters Fran, Rachel and a very good friend, we had a wonderfully relaxing time spent doing as little as possible. Relaxed - but Tilly's nose keeps working ! Since being back, I've had behaviour problems to attend to in Settle, Ulverston and 3 much closer to home. And now Archie has come to stay. Who is Archie ? Well, maybe that's a question Honey would like to answer, because he's taken an interest in our little charmer though I'm unsure as to whether it's for friendship or to keep him tied over until the next meal. You see Archie is a male Rhodesian Ridgeback and with it, one of the most powerful dogs I've dealt with ...... potentially ! Thankfully Archie is too much of a gentleman to be a bully to anyone or anything. Janet

Buckets and spades

Just a few words to say that I'm enjoying a few days holiday in Scotland. Further info on my return. Paul is having to cook for himself so trust me, the local takeaway will be getting good business this week ! Janet