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Honey's happy in the sunshine

Meet two dogs who were happy over very different aspects of the weather today. Honey is a sun worshipper while Chester adores water. He is therefore in his element at the moment with so many puddles about. In a momentary break in the clouds, I snapped this pic of the little dog as she charged towards me, her face beaming ............ if ever a dog smiled ! Meanwhile, Chester's enjoyment in all things wet and muddy is evident as he plays. But this surface mud was soon washed off with the hose before he was allowed back in the house ! My final pic is again of Chester, who decided to have a mad dash in a field! He returned as soon as he heard my whistle, and I couldn't help but think he looks a little lost in the waves of barley being blown about.

Am I hardy or foolish ?

As we near the end of "flaming June", I sit at a computer with my 2nd raincoat and 2nd pr of walking trousers drying out ! The weather this month has been truly atrocious and Thursday's torrential storms forced me to cancel my later appointments and some yesterday too. However, onwards and upwards! Millie and Bonnie have returned home after their month long training with me and I'm pleased to say that I've been receiving some wonderful updates from a very happy owner. Also gone is another training dog, Darcy, who once again spent a month with me. Yet again I've been hearing some lovely news about a very reformed character and owners and family who are really pleased with how she has changed in only a month. New dogs just in are Scot the Dalmation (original name Spot but wisely changed by new owners! ), Tilly the black Cocker Spaniel and Chester - the water loving dog who must be in his element at the moment. But with dark clouds approaching again, I&

Paul has found the kitchen

My blog has been quiet for a few days due to me being struck down by a virus which confined me to bed for the better part of a week. In truth I can't remember the last time such a thing happened to me. Paul cancelled all my training in between exercising the dogs and cooking dinner. He doesn't cook very much but when he does he's not too bad - fresh ingredients, no cans or packets. But today the sun is out, the skies are blue (in between the clouds) and I'm back to work. Janet

Meet Darcey the Weimaraner

Meet Darcey, a young Weimaraner who is in for a month long residential training course. She was a little anxious on arrival but has completely settled in and is totally relaxed around the other dogs, which is always a great sight to see. As you can see, June days don't guarantee sunny days and balmy weather - on the contrary, I'm actually wearing a few layers to keep warm !

Now where did I put that tennis ball ?

Lucy's place on my residential training course has been taken by Darcy, a Weimaraner. Darcy is in for a month and joins Bonnie and Millie, who arrived a few days ago from Staffordshire. Training and walks over with for the day, there is always enough time for some play. There are few things which seem to make Bonnie - a 10 yr old who doesn't know it  - happier than chasing after a tennis ball. And judging by this catch, it's not all about running to retrieve it ! Janet "Great catch Bonnie" Millie in a typical comedy pose