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Winter Sun

Winter sun cheers everyone up - including Mick, Ella and Sumo. This photograph is a great example of  how these three happy dogs are. Mick, Ella and Sumo But with winter comes rain - and what Cocker Spaniel doesn't like water ?? Pixie absolutely loves it .... not that you could tell. Pixie  But while the youngsters play, 14 year old Border Collie Misty relaxes on the warm wooden floor of my office. Misty  "Bear" the Leonberger stayed with me for two months of residential training.This big dog was a real handful to begin with and the thought of being off a lead was a distant dream. Nevertheless, persistent training paid off  - although the sight of him "charging" kept me alert ! Bear Peanut is a wonderful young dog. This year old Cocker is such a happy little character and is great company. Peanut