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...........or, maybe the "pawsitively perfect pooch's paradise" ??!! Truth is, these are the titles of press releases that Paul has put together for me and the home boarding I'm offering. At the moment I still have Ginny staying, a 12yr old Lab who still has quite a turn of speed. She's a lovely dog who seems to take everything in her stride. Never gets over excited about anything but at the same time still wants to be involved in "what's going on" ! Taz has long gone and Jim & Jeanette collected Stoker - only to book him in for a fortnight in the new year. My new website has continued to provide business, with another two people using the "contact" page to request help / training. The snow has finally melted and disappeared, leaving us with a very solid ground but temps. a balmy 2 or 3c.

Merry Christmas

Christmas Day sees me with three guest dogs - Ginny, Stoker &Taz. Ginny is here for a week while Taz stayed last night and is going to be collected later this afternoon. Stoker is with me for four nights - rather unexpectedly but his owners were let down. Stoker is 3yrs old and a Heinz. Ginny is a 12 yr old Red Lab while Taz is a cross Lab/Collie from Nth.York. Lovely dogs. And we still have Taz's presents to open! Yesterday afternoon I went down to Pooley Bridge and Lake Ullswater. This was my home for many years and it felt lovely to be walking by the lake again. I managed to get one or two nice photographs, including the one below. I hope you like it.

Winter Wonderland

Forget the cold and you're surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenes. It's Chirstmas Eve and I have Ginny, Stoker & Taz staying. They've settled in very well and seem more than happy with the fields covered in snow. Anyway, have a happy and safe Christmas. Janet

It's cold. Very cold.

Since late November we have been "enjoying"snow and some very cold temps. At the moment -8pm - it is -10c and the temps have not been above freezing for several days. But the Eden Valley is one of the nicer areas to be in if you're going to have snow. Just look at the photos below. But wearing numerous layers, I'm out with the dogs whatever the weather. Recently I've had a "training" dog stay with me. Snap stayed for two weeks and was collected on Sunday. I was very pleased with the progress achieved and Snap's owners were also delighted. Last week Roly, a real Heinz,stayed with me for a few days boarding. If ever there was a time for boarding in a person's house this is it. Night time has seen the barometer drop to -18c! Tara, a regular guest stayed for two nights. She really is so pleased when she gets out of the car and sees me again. It's a wonderful feeling. Then tomorrow I have Ginny coming for Christmas. A 12yr old Lab, her

Sunday morning

Another busy week has seen me working at home, Hawkshead, Keswick and beautiful Pooley Bridge - my old home. Jake was collected on Wednesday by his owners who'd driven over from Harrogate. Before they left, I demonstrated what I'd taught Jake before they took over. They were delighted when they realised that their dog was taking notice of them - "finally", as Jeff said. Meanwhile I'm very pleased with Snap's progress. He had no real boundaries when he first arrived, even to the point where he thought he could just jump up on a chair! But those actions are long gone and he's developing into a really lovely dog, easy to teach and very responsive. Behaviour cases for Border Collies and Patterdale Terriers have taken me all over Cumbria, as I said to begin with. All problems solved - even the Collie who decided she would try to bite me. Thankfully my reactions were even quicker!! At the moment Spike is staying again. She's a lovely little dog - real

Is anyone there?

Armed with my camera, I took Snap & Jake to Flakebridge Wood this morning for a couple of hours. Smells galore meant they had a good time but thick fog prevented me from snapping away. The fog has stayed with us all day. This afternoon I took S & J out to Maulds Meaburn, along with my two dogs. I met Mrs. Jackson. Lovely to meet her again for the first time since early this year. She filled me in on all the gossip, some of which made me smile! She invited me over for coffee so we'll no doubt meet again before Christmas.

Phew....a chance to sit down!

Dog training, boarding and behaviour work are certainly keeping me busy! Thursday saw me training from 10.00 to 4.00. It started with Mrs C. bringing her mixed breed to me for some basic training. After an hour or more together, Max had picked up many of the basics and I was very pleased with his progress. Mrs. C was even happier! Later on in the morning I met Marmaduke - Duke, an 18mth old Red Setter. Lovely dog and temperment, he picked up my commands quickly.   Thursday afternoon saw me in Keswick, to deal with a case of aggression. Armed with a muzzle, I had come to work with Radar, a 2 yr old German Shepard X who had been showing his teeth to the owners. In truth he had no boundaries and no respect for Mike & Jodie. He was able to do what he wanted and his owners were unsure how to deal with certain situations - ie taking a bone from him. Thankfully he caused me no problems - and after 2 hours I left. I hadn't even get the muzzle out of my bag!      Yesterday I