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Why is snow so much fun ?

Nothing brings out the child in us like a drop of snow .... and judging by some of these photographs, we're not the only ones who think the white stuff is fun ! First appearances give the impression that snow is the last thing on Deefa's mind, but don't be mislead by that look. The poor lad is a gentle giant who didn't realise that his species could be as small as Honey - fully grown ! I like to think the photographs say alot about the dogs who come to my home, be it for boarding or residential training. They're different sizes, shapes and colours and temperaments but once here, they seem to gel and get on really well together. For example, Roxy is a real mix of breeds including some Italian Greyhound - see her run and it soon becomes evident. But introduce snow to her and she likes nothing more than rolling about it in. Roxy just keeps on rolling Meanwhile Maddie just loves to catch the stuff. A fully trained Working Cocker Spaniel, this 2yr old can bec

Progress with Seb the Sprollie

Things are improving by the day with my training resident, Seb. A young Sprollie, he arrived full of energy and raring to go which I love in a dog ! I've made the most of his enthusiasm by channelling it into different games to assist with training and the two of us have really bonded. Today, for the first time, he was allowed complete freedom in my garden while I was outside. Being a large and secure area, I felt confident that he would obey the "recall" command and the 8mth old dog didn't let me down !  In fields and on the common he is still on a long line prior to being given total freedom. However, the top photograph, with my foot nowhere near the end of the line, shows those days are fast approaching. Well done Seb ! When the wind blows from the East .... ............. you dress as a Muscovite, regardless of looks !! Meanwhile one little dog just keeps on taking and taking and taking !!! This time my boarding guest Roxy appears to have lost her bed

Harry the Springer Spaniel

For speed, read Harry the Springer Spaniel ! This young lad has been staying with me for residential training and has been an absolute joy - I think these photos say it all. His owners bought him from well recognised breeders of "working" Springers and along with his speed came a lovely temperament. Every morning when I walk into my kitchen, this happy lad greets me with something, and when Paul can't find a shoe or sock, chances are Harry is parading about with it in his mouth ! Without doubt I have one of the most enjoyable careers a person could have.Yes it can be testing and tiring, with me frequently working seven days a week ( don't say anything Paul :) ) but I can honestly say that the people I meet and the dogs I work with make it so much more than a job. And seeing a dog like Harry change in only a few weeks, or the more testing Tilly and Teddie recently, I know that my hard work has brought about something much more rewarding than just money. Harr

One lovely Cocker Spaniel

A well rounded and confident dog reaches that stage by virtue of being socialised, or as I say, "shown the world", albeit in a controlled way. But how many dogs grow up and develop in the company of a Norwegian Fjordhorse as it enjoys some breakfast - and how many actually want to share it ?! Well Charlie, a 6 month old Cocker Spaniel is one such dog. Very sad circumstances have forced his owner to put him up for adoption, and who snapped him up ? My daughter Rachel. Since the two came together they have become inseperable! "Save me some ............... please Heavy rains meant that the River Lowther broke its banks, with the evidence being seen far and wide - not least in our fields ! Where did we put the buckets when we moved ? But there's always one - or two - dogs who thrive in these conditions. With an ability to sniff out water in the driest of places, Chester didn't need to look too far to find the stuff. How can I explain his reactions . . .