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One lovely Cocker Spaniel

A well rounded and confident dog reaches that stage by virtue of being socialised, or as I say, "shown the world", albeit in a controlled way.
But how many dogs grow up and develop in the company of a Norwegian Fjordhorse as it enjoys some breakfast - and how many actually want to share it ?!
Well Charlie, a 6 month old Cocker Spaniel is one such dog. Very sad circumstances have forced his owner to put him up for adoption, and who snapped him up ? My daughter Rachel. Since the two came together they have become inseperable!
"Save me some ............... please
Heavy rains meant that the River Lowther broke its banks, with the evidence being seen far and wide - not least in our fields !
Where did we put the buckets when we moved ?
But there's always one - or two - dogs who thrive in these conditions.
With an ability to sniff out water in the driest of places, Chester didn't need to look too far to find the stuff.
How can I explain his reactions . . . . . I'll let you decide !
One dog having fun !!
"Got it !", says Milo
Not to be outdone, Milo the Black Lab was also having a great time. In truth the two played constantly, either chasing after the ball or running around having fun. Unfortunately the difference in their colours, coupled with the dullness of the day, meant that no photos of quality could be taken of the two together ....... you'll just have to believe me !


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