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Please don't take your dog for granted ..............

There are times when we take our dogs for granted, however much we love them.
But when something out of the blue happens, we're given a sudden jolt, as if to remind us just what a major part of our life that friend is.
And so it was that recently I received a phone call from a friend whose dog I've looked after many times. She'd been unwell so the owner took her to the vets, hoping that a quick check up and some medication would sort things out.
But hearing how she'd been behaving, the vet carried out a number of tests including scans and that's when the cause of the problem was revealed  -  a brain tumour.
This very sad news upset me. I've known this 6yr old dog since she was a pup. What could I say to a person whose pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and whose life span is now weeks rather than years ?
Since the phone call I've visited the owners and their dog. She greeted me in her usual enthusiastic manner and displayed none of the symptoms associated with her condition.
However, I don't think I'll visit her again. I believe the memories I have should be of a dog who was healthy for six years, rather than sick for a few weeks.



  1. Hello, Janet.
    If the dog is still alive, and doesn't retreat to be on her own, do, visit. And even if she does, I'm sure the owners would appreciate your support.

    Being sick and dying is also a part of life, I know I would regret if I'd walked out on the dog when he/she would've been ill.. The good memories will stay as well :)
    (I couldn't help commenting as I was in a simmilar situation, so just wanted to give another perspective.
    Wishing you all the best in your life and work,
    Greetings, Alenka


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