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Snowballs for Sasha and Charlie

The dogs have been making the most of the recent heavy snow, either with me in my fields or with Paul on the local Fells.
"Thanks Sasha !"
But for two dogs, these conditions become somewhat disabling after a short time, due to their coats. Sasha, my Cockerpoo residential training dog and Charlie, my daughter’s Cocker Spaniel, are slowed down by the weight and discomfort of snowballs on their legs.
The photo of Sasha had to be enhanced as she is so very dark, and somewhere underneath all of that hair are two eyes.
Judging by her gesture I can only assume she doesn't like being photographed !
Meanwhile Charlie is oblivious to both Paul and the weather
. Unlike Sasha, he never stops to pick off the snowballs, but just keeps running, albeit slower and slower and with all four legs further and further apart !
"Snowballs ? Where ?"

Meanwhile poor Tasha was somewhat confused about this tree. Does she go and investigate or does she hold back and see if Paul is daft enough to explore ! All I'll say is that this young German Shepherd is no fool !
"Umm ...... this isn't a real tree"
However before the snow arrived there was time for play. With a ball and rope to fetch, the game could still be going on if Paul had allowed it.
"Found It !"
Meanwhile Lewis has enjoyed a holiday with us while his owners are away. The photo really displays how alert this Border Collie is, and his natural ability for rounding up is always evident when out with other dogs.
Lewis on alert - as usual


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