Monday, 16 July 2018

It's Summertime - just ask Ella !

Eight month old Ella is part dog / part otter. This is her usual style for getting into water - providing it's deep enough. On this occasion there was a purpose, with a yellow ball bobbing on top. Only trouble is, despite her eyes being on the subject, the final pic shows that she rather overshot the mark !

Whoops - overshot the ball completely !

When Rosa arrived 10 weeks ago, the last thing we would have done is allowed her complete freedom - and on a Fell !!
But what a difference structured training has made to this youngster. Rachel has helped in turning this beautiful Yellow Labrador into a dog who's a real joy to have around, and in truth who we are going to miss when she returns home shortly.

On our secret walk .....

...... so secret we never meet anyone else.

14 week old Etta is a Flat Coat Retriever who I recently had staying with me. I took a shine to this big pup, who is full of energy and a willingness to learn.
14 week old Etta, a Flat Coat Retriever

With the generous help and time afforded by a local farmer, our field has been cut. 95 bales later, it is now clear and once more being used to help with training.
97 bales of good quality hay from our field

It's in the eyes !
Paul's lovely lad Sumo has been caught where he shouldn't really be and doing something he shouldn't really be doing !
Is that his bed ? I'll leave you to decide, but on the second pic .......

...... Sumo has been exploring the newly dug ditch - until he was told to stop, as he was slowly filling it in again !

Don't worry Sumo -- we love you really !!

The expressions that Meg and Bess show sums them up. They are very alert and full of fun. Without doubt, great to have around !

"Where's the fun - where's the action ?"

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