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Now, where did I park my Ark ?

The recent floods have allowed me to offer guests the use of my pool. The opening times vary of course and on occassion it's really only fit for paddling in but, no doubt, it will be very popular !
This was the scene on Thursday afternoon as the county suffered from torrential rain. By the following morning however, the floods had disappeared as quickly as they'd arrived.

Two dogs who thoroughly enjoy the rain are Maddie (L) and training dog Clara (R). I was able to simply stand and watch as these two spent an eternity chasing each other through the many floods. The water was shallow in comparison to the river, which I avoided going anywhere near. The last thing I wanted to see was an over eager dog getting literally out of it's depths in a strong flow.

The interesting thing is that given a day or two without rain, many floods disappear, as shown in the picture below. Training dogs Teddie (L) and Clara (R) enjoy some playtime in my field. Both are in for residential trai…

Love Is .........

......... my big brother.
I thought I'd post a photo of these two characters, Mylo ( the pillow ) and youngster Cleveland ( the head ).
Paul took this during his lunch yesterday, after he'd been out with them for a couple of hours. Now two hours walking is one thing, but if you add to the equation a river and sticks, you may as well double it, looking at the evidence !

Later today I hope to take a few pics of my training guests, Teddie and Clara, both of whom are progessing very well.

Toddle Cottage - our new home

All the removal boxes have finally been opened and we are now well and truely settled into Toddle Cottage. The views from our kitchen and living rooms show our garden, one of our fields and 1100 feet Knipe Scar. The views from the top are wonderful and no doubt will feature in future posts.

Earlier this week 5 month old Nelly reminded me of how much fun being young was when she was discovered that Autumn leaves can be a huge amount of fun !
Put "energy" into any Thesaurus search engine and one of the words offered will be a name - Nelly !!

Life is as hectic as usual, with my sheep chasing courses being in demand. After the USA and Australia, I now have a request for help from someone living in Croatia ! Probably help with another Skype lesson.

For the past week I've had two residential training dogs staying with me - Clara and Teddie. The former is a young black Labrador who is full of mischief while Teddie is an all white Border Collie (all white but for some interes…