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Can we play in the snow Janet ??

What a beautiful day for dog walking ! Days of rain were completely forgotten as we climbed above the fog and into beautiful winter sunshine, looking back to see the Eden Valley covered in thick fog while on the other side the Fells were also lit up.  Ruby likes snow ! In fact she can't get enough of the stuff. The photo below shows her in a "cut out" on the hill, and she could not stop running and jumping into the stuff. My eldest daughter Rachel came with me and soon discovered that Ruby likes nothing more than chasing snowballs. In the end, Rachel got bored ! What can I say !!! Jaxson is enjoying his first winter snow and he wants everyone to enjoy it with him.

The Farmers Guardian

My press release earlier this month on sheep chasing was picked up by a number of Cumbrian papers and magzines, and today a journalist and photographer from The Farmers Guardian arrived to interview me as I went about re-educating three dogs.
Thankfully the weather held fair and the 1.5 hrs went by very quickly.
The photo below shows Fran (my daughter) and myself posing for the camera !

Jake the Thinker

Jake is finally showing the real him. Initially fairly timid, he is far more relaxed around other dogs. He does appear to be a one person dog though ..... who likes to travel. He's taken a shine to Paul. On getting into the car yesterday, Paul suddenly found a certain Patterdale jumping in beside him ! So off they went.

This photo of Jaxson sums him up 100%.
Does he ever stop ?? The answer is "yes ... finally "! But while he's awake, Jaxson and his tail are on overdrive. But come the evening, eyes red and all activity around him having stopped, the curtains are eventually drawn on another day.
Until morning comes ...... WAKE UP EVERYONE !

Battle of the Giants

Finally, Honey has met a dog she can look straight into the eyes of without suffering neck strain - and she's loving every minute of it!
Tilly is here for several weeks and is more than a match for my little dog. There's never any problems created between the two, just alot of mad dashes and even madder glances at each other ! 

The lovely dry weather somewhat disguises the real nip that's in the air when I'm out on the tops. However, Paul's dog Jaffa and young Jaxson, who is boarding with me, seem completely unaware of it.

I have a first at the moment - namely Theo is the first German Shepherd who has boarded with me.
At just 6 months old, he's a large dog ..... even more so if you're a Chihuahua. However, Theo's curiosity as to "what's this funny little thing ?" has been met with a rather cold reception by the Diva ! A few snaps here and a few snaps there have told him to back off, before she struts away, tail in the air !
Thank goodnes…

Tilly, Jake and Jaxson

Steady Jaxson !

Two nights of heavy frost have made everything frozen, including these large puddles .... enough for little Jaxson to walk onto. As can be seen though, his back legs are keen to overtake his front !


"We'll just pop into the valley because of the mist", said Paul, in his usual way ... and like a
fool I followed !
So with him and Ruby in front, I stumbled my way across all obstacles just to get to the bottom. Dog walking or dog hiking ?

Tilly and Maddie

I thought I would post a photo taken on a walk, of my dog Tilly, and Fran's little Cocker Spaniel Maddie.
The sun was out and the two of them couldn't have cared less about sheep. While Paul sorted the camera out, they became a little bored !

Sunshine at last

After the recent gales which had seen the roof of one of my sheds being blown off (!), it was a pleasant change to walk in the sunshine without being buffered about.

Judging by the photo below, it certainly seemed to put the spring into Ruby's step. This quiet dog comes to life when on a walk.

Now what has Honey stepped on ?
Or in ?? !!!!

Chester's Mud Bath

Chester likes water !
Clean, muddy, warm or cold, this is one young dog who loves H2o.
However ......
..... he doesn't enjoy it when it's coming out of my hose and cleaning him.
But given time, Chester would soon learn that one of the house rules is that all dogs are clean and dry !