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It's cold !

Paul's five month old working Cocker Sumo looks shocked having jumped into a nearby beck. This young lad is a real water babe and one who will no doubt appear in future posts.

Meanwhile Sumo's brother Cash watches very carefully as Nellie demonstrates the art of the perfect dive on a hot August day.

 My beautiful puppies have been collected and I have to admit I was upset at seeing them go, even though I knew they were going to loving homes. One little lad still to be collected is Five Star (nickname) who found some mud one day. He looks very tired in this photo and indeed went straight to sleep once given a bath.

Relief from the puppies comes in the form of training Doodles, a Labradoodle. When she first arrived, this young lady was in a world of her own but those days are long forgotten.

When Honey met Toby

HRH has finally met a dog she can look into the eyes of without straining her neck.
Meet Toby.
When he first arrived Toby was somewhat reserved and took a day or two to come out of his shell and mix with the other dogs.
He was even more blasé about Honey, but a sudden mad dash with her one evening has changed all of that !
It's wonderful to see such a lovely pair of dogs enjoying themselves as well as seeing our dog play with a member of her own breed.